New Assistant!

Since I have launched the new website and the new studio, I figured it is time to introduce my new assistant Lex!

Lex has a background working with kids and with animals, but not at the same time! She is an Elvis fanatic and like me, a peanut butter lover but I promise this isn’t the only reason I hired her.

Lex’s loves except Elvis & peanut butter are her two Godsons – Riley & Will, eating out, camping, the colour red (especially red wine), getting a new hair colour and TV box sets! And loathes include rose wine, umbrellas, the dark and most of all, and I mean MOST of all is bananas!

A few of you have met her already and I’m sure the rest of you will all get to know her more as JAM grows. I’m sure she would love it if you said hi..

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