Be your own kind of beautiful… Fairytale Portrait by Sheffield & Derbyshire Photographer

I am often asked about my Creative Works sessions and what they entail..

When you book a session with me, we will have several conversation and I will ask you to complete a questionnaire so that I can completely understand who you are and what you want achieve with your pieces of art.. Even if you don’t know yourself!!

I take the time to understand each person that will be in the session so I know what will work and what will inspire you too.

From there I can dream up and design the PERFECT session for you!

If you have a look at my pinterest profile, you may get an idea of the process I go through – be warned, once you start you may not be able to stop!

I also have quite a few ideas banked up just waiting for that one child to come along that can bring my dreams to life.

And this session was exactly that.. I have had this idea for so long and when M came to visit JAM, I just knew she would be able to bring it to life!

The dress and the colour of the butterflies were all chosen just for M and from the minute she jumped out of the car and started twirling and dancing around in the dress, I knew we had got it right!

Put that together with a newly discovered location and this incredible sky and… Well, the images just speak for themselves!

This session has left me inspired and buzzing with so many new ideas so get in touch if you want to dream up your own magical wonderland with JAM.

Jules xx

Sheffield Derbyshire Childrens Location Photographer

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