I’ve written more blogs than I can count since I started working at JAM back in the summer of 2014 and I can remember being totally mind-boggled the first time I tried to write one but I think this one may be the hardest..

It feels like only yesterday that I wrote My Year at JAM blog celebrating (yeah, you guessed it) my first year at JAM. And now, a year on, I am writing My JAM Farewell.

My second year at JAM was no less hectic than the first but the last 12 months has brought with it a whole new set of adventures for me personally. A new work venture with my genius old man, as well as channelling my inner Nanny McPhee to look after my incredible niece, means that it is time for me to step down at JAM HQ.

And so, it is with a heavy heart that I must announce a new vacancy at JAM!

Before you get too excited, Jules hasn’t managed to get rid of me completely… I will still be around as and when I can but we do need someone to fill in the gaps.

Jules is looking for someone to assist on shoots. I’d love to be able to write a detailed job description but to be honest, anything goes!

I’ve climbed trees, built beds in the woods, carried a LOT of camera equipment (without breaking any I might add), ran away from charging bulls, felt utterly responsible as I cradled a newborn, dived downstream to save an escaping teddy bear, caught flying baby poo as it shot across the studio.. I could go on!

Be sure to check out the My Year at JAM blog to get an idea of what the job might entail but very simply put we only have these requirements:

  • Flexible availability – Due to the nature of the job, we can’t guarantee a fixed number of hours or set times. And shoots can be ANY time of the day – sunrise shoots are so beautiful but they are very early, and very very cold!
  • Good with kids – most of our shoots are with children, and it would be your job to make sure they’re having a good time. Our kids are never told to smile for camera – we deal in real life smiles only!
  • Physically fit and able – it may not seem it but this is a physically demanding job. Chasing a 4year old through Ecclesall woods for 2 hours is better than any other work out I know!

And I guess it’s pretty important to let you know that you don’t have to know about photography or cameras but an eye for detail will definitely work in your favour! I had never picked up a camera before, and still couldn’t tell you the first thing about them. I promise you will have fun with this job but it’s not for you if you are hoping to develop your photography skills.

Initially you will be assisting on shoots – your role can include anything from restraint (I’m not kidding) to chief tickler, joke teller, leaf thrower and light technician (this just means trying not to blow away whilst holding the big reflector). But you will also be carrying equipment, setting up shoots, dismantling everything and then spending hours trying to find the lens caps that Jules has managed to leave on a bench, or under a tree or wherever she decides that day!

There is potential for this role to develop in the future, all depending on the projects JAM undertakes and how well you & Jules click!

So, if you think you’ve got what it takes. Fill in the form below and let Jules know a bit about you – who you are, why you think you’re fit the job, your availability, or anything else you think may be of interest.

Oh, and one more thing… A shared love of coffee & a good sense of humour will get you a long way!

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A lot of thought goes in to choosing the perfect location for each and every shoot I do..

Sometimes I chose the location based on particular colours that my client is after and so only an Autumn woodland will do, sometimes I’m looking for that one perfect shot & it just has to be a big open sunset, sometimes its all about the dress with a beautiful girl standing top of the hill..

Prior to your session, I will have had a few conversations with you so I know what you’re looking for (even if you don’t) and from there I can decide on the perfect location. The weather always has a big part to play in this too – locations can change from week to week, sometimes even day to day and so I always do a last minute location scout and make any last minute changes necessary.

I have some perfect go-to locations for my shoots and JAM HQ is situated a stones throw from the heart of city, beautiful wild meadows, unspoilt woodlands and much, much more so I have lots of choice but when there is a location that means something you and your family, it makes your images that much more special and I will do anything and everything I can to make it work.

When my brother wanted a family portrait I knew exactly where it should be.. This is the stunning Roche Abbey, our most treasured playground from our childhood.

It was very nostalgic, spending the morning in this place with my brother & his beautiful family. It was great fun watching Ethan running and climbing like we did when we were kids, especially with Elsie trying to keep up too – it only really seems like 2 minutes ago we posted her Pure Baby blog (have another look here).

A fantastic Family Times session and a perfect location!

J x

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This little beauty was most definitely a ray of sunshine.. A perfect little bundle who slept her way through a fantastic Pure Baby session.

I have had some fantastic newborn portrait sessions at JAM this year and I can’t wait to meet our 2016 JAM babies.

2015 has been my busiest year to date and we are fully booked on the run up to Christmas but I will ALWAYS do my best to find time for more newborn photography sessions..

The time frame in which these precious early moments can be captured is very limited so I made myself a promise to always accommodate you & your new baby where I can.

Get in touch if you are expecting, or if your little one has just arrived, and I will do everything I can to fit you in X

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