Frequently Asked

Here are some of my most frequently asked questions. Hopefully you will find the answer you’re looking for, but if not just drop me a line.

Why should I choose a SIMPLY STUDIO session?
A session in the JAM studio can include small props and balloons or can be a simple soulful image of your child.  Whatever your choice, these sessions are great if you want a guaranteed session date and like clean, bright images.

Why should I choose an GREAT OUTDOORS session?
Mother nature provides amazing backdrops, and if you want your session in the great outdoors this session could be for you.  Working with the seasons, these are great if you want fields of flowers, or falling leaves etc.

Why should I choose a CREATIVE WORKS session?
Taking a dream idea, fairytale or adventure that fits with your child, I design a session that pushes the boundaries of a typical portrait session and is completely unique to you. This can be a bed in a field, a bath in a river, or a forest of balloons.  Together we can dream up a whole new world for one of these sessions.
My creative sessions are very popular, and take a significant amount of time to design. They are therefore slightly more expensive than my other session fees.  I often shop for props specifically for your session and regularly make individual props to make each session unique.

How many people can be in a FAMILY TIMES session?
The session fee of £99 is for one family unit – 2 parents and up to 3 children.  Additional children are charged at £25.  If you are looking for a session to capture all your extended family e.g. Grandparents and Uncles etc, please get in touch. Extended sessions can be fantastic opportunity to get everyone together but can also be a logistical nightmare so we are better off planning the best way to do this together.

Do I have to be naked in my NEW LIFE session?
No, absolutely not, in fact 99% of my clients choose to wear something.  You don’t have to be naked, you don’t even have to expose your bump in the flesh if that’s not what you want.  Each portrait session with me is designed for you.  We can be inside or on location, with or without your partner, fully covered or just showing a hint of belly.  I have beautiful flowing maternity prop gowns that are available for use, or if you have something specific you would like to use, just mention it when booking.

Can my partner or child be in my NEW LIFE session too?
If you would like other children or partners to be in the images too, that is not a problem.  Please just discuss it at the time of your booking..

When should I book my NEW LIFE session?
Timing wise, 35-37 weeks is a great stage.  You have a wonderful bump, but are not yet feeling uncomfortable.  You are also far enough away from your due date that you are not too tired and ‘over it’. 
Once you have had your 20 week scan, then please confirm your session booking.  I get booked quite a few weeks in advance, so please ensure you have your maternity session booked in.  Obviously if you have gone passed this date, don’t worry.  Things change at short notice due to late arrivals or weather changes. Please call and we can discuss my availability.

When should I book my PURE BABY session?
Ideally book your session for when your newborn is 5 to 10 days old, but up to 14 days will hopefully still give the lovely curled shots.   Over this age and we will still get some beautiful images, but your newborn is more easily roused and less likely to stay in a certain pose.  We may be lucky and get some eyes open shots at this age though.

What if my baby arrives early?
When booking your session, we will book for 5 days after your due date.  This allows me to schedule some time in my diary.  Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t arrive on it’s due date, contact me as soon as home from hospital and we can rearrange your session date.

Where does my PURE BABY session take place?
The session will take place in the Jam Photography studio in Sheffield. It’s a lovely and warm, natural light studio where both you and your baby can feel completely relaxed.  There are comfy sofas, fresh coffee and cakes too.

What if my baby is hungry or upset?
You will be given plenty of time to feed and settle your little bundle before I start posing the lovely curled up shots.  The younger your baby is, the easier they sleep and stay asleep.

Can my older children be in my PURE BABY session too?
Your newborn session is primarily for your new arrival, but if you would like to have siblings in some images you can.  You may just need someone to bring them along at an agreed time; otherwise they could get bored waiting in the studio for the full session.  Parents are always welcome to have images with their new arrival too.

Is my baby safe when using the props?
If hammocks and other props are used, these are by the use of composite images.  This means that your baby is always safe, and several images are used to remove hands/safety equipment etc. My assistant is always at hand to offer more hands if needed.

What’s included in my session fee?

  • Pre-session telephone or email consultation to plan and prepare for your bespoke portrait session.
  • Shooting/studio time of 1 -2 hours, or up to 4 hours for a PURE BABY session.
  • An average of 25-30 images from your session that have been selected for meticulous editing and turned into a unique piece of art by careful enhancement.
  • A personal viewing session of your high definition preview of fully edited images. (Additional viewings will be charged at £50).

Why is there a charge for additional viewings?
A private viewing and ordering appointment is part of your session fee.  If for whatever reason you are unable to make this agreed date,this takes time out of my schedule and has an impact on time availability. It is during your viewing that we spend the time together to decide how you would like to display your images and which products you would like to order.  Please come prepared to make these decisions.  If you need to go home and measure walls etc, there will be an additional fee for a second viewing and order session.

How long do you keep my images?
Your images are deleted after your in house viewing.  I do not keep your files indefinitely, so please purchase the digital package if you want to have a back up of your images.

Do you sell CD’s?
The short answer is no.  I have now added an option on to my price list for those of you looking only for digital files.  These files are supplied on a USB stick which is much safer and more robust as it can’t be scratched.

Is there a minimum order?
I don’t have a minimum order, as I would not be happy if you ordered something without truly wanting it.  However as a guide, parents will generally be looking to invest upwards of £600 on wall frames and other portrait products from their session. However, there is never any pressure, and monthly payments can be arranged at no additional charge if this would help your budget.

When do I pay for my order?
Orders are paid for in full at your viewing session.

What payment methods do you accept?
I don’t take card payments, but you can pay by cash, bank transfer or cheque. 
If it would help your budget to pay over a few months, please discuss with me as this may be possible.  There is no charge for this and it is interest free.

How long do products take once ordered?
Typical ordering time for your products is 4-6 weeks.  If something is urgent, depending on availability then an express fee can be paid to receive them quicker.  Albums can take a little longer as they take considerable hours to design before production.

Do my images appear on your blog & facebook page?
A session with me will generally result in your images being blogged on the JAM photography website.  However, there is never any guarantee that this will happen.  Images are not blogged in advance of your viewing session and you are always the first to see your images. Immediately following your session I will post a sneak peak (single image) on Facebook.  Everyone loves this, and it really does ease your mind that we got some great images.  Please feel free to share or tag yourself in this image for your friends to see.

What to wear?
We will have discussed what to wear during your pre session consultation, so please do not worry.  However if you would like a “what to wear guide”, please get in touch and we can send you our link.

Do you edit my images to make me look good?
Throughout your session I will pose you in flattering positions so that you not only look good but feel good too.  I will then use my editing skills to subtly enhance your images and give you unique pieces of art. Please look at my online gallery to see images that have been edited in this way.

What happens about bad weather?
If you have booked an outdoor session, I will call in advance to confirm dates and times depending on weather.  Obviously, if it is horrendous rain we will reschedule.  I do not however reschedule due to lack of sunshine.  Your location session will be stunning regardless of sunshine or not. If your session does need to be rescheduled due to bad weather, we can change it to a studio session so that the date is guaranteed.  If you would only like a location shoot, we will agree another date depending on diary availability.  A refund is not given if the session is amended due to weather.

You can also find more info on our T&C’s page but please get in touch if you still have questions!